Digital technologies for Smart Ports

Published on: 3 November 2016
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Le numérique au service des Smart Ports

Christophe Reynaud, Head of the Innovation Department at MGI will be speaking on “Digital Technologies: tools for other sectors, the example of Smart Ports” during Mediterranean Economic Week being held in Marseille from 2 to 4 November.

The Smart Port concept is therefore the conjunction of present and future technological progress with port organisational structures. Our users are asking that Ci5 incorporates current and future changes in practices and uses: paperless systems, mobility, smart objects, and monitoring of the global supply chain. Shipping companies, shipping agents and consignees, terminal operators, freight forwarders, carriers, customs and regulating authorities are interconnected, so that goods spend as short a time as possible at the port. 

Data is automatically transmitted via a smart information system that connects all port entities in order to manage data and goods flows effectively. These systems, also known as Port Community Systems (PCS), such as AP+ in French ports, use a network approach and information sharing for the smart management of goods.

Smart objects, smart container, Big Data and Business Intelligence become more present on ports. New generation PCSs such as MGI’s Ci5 are real vehicles for competitiveness that will integrate these new technologies and speed up the digital transformation of supply chain stakeholders.

The port of the future is moving to an ultra-connected community of stakeholders, networked with a view to facilitating data exchange.

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