Data and logistics: is the revolution upon us?

Published on: 21 October 2016
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Données logistiques : la révolution ?

On 27 October, Christophe Reynaud, Head of Innovation Department at MGI, will be speaking on “Port IT systems at the heart of the digital transformation of the logistics community in the PACA region” at the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Logistics Café.

Data and Logistics: is the revolution upon us? How can businesses and the region benefit? These are two of the questions that Christophe Reynaud and Charles Nepote, Project Manager at FING will be answering.

Port IT systems connect private and public professionals working in goods management. This type of system, also called a Port Community System (PCS) such as the Marseille-Fos Port AP+, collects and redistributes essential data for optimising the supply chain. Today’s technologies make for smart cargo that can be tracked and traced anywhere in the world. Sharing this data and using it in broader spheres such as Big Data and modelling will improve the performance of the logistics community. The new generation of PCSs, such as Ci5, the successor to AP+, will therefore be instrumental in the digital transformation of the logistics community.

Find out more at the Cluster PACA Logistique (PACA Logistics Cluster) website.