• Better share logistics information with shippers and carriers when goods are transiting to a port terminal.

• Secure all information shared to guarantee reliability.



• Improve the supply chain along the Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône port and logistics route in order to increase the competitiveness of the Marseille-Fos, Sète and Toulon ports.

• Integrate blockchain technology into the Ci5 Cargo Intelligent System.



• Use blockchain technology to record goods status transactions in Ci5.



• For a consortium of system users to be able to act as trusted third parties in order to validate Shipping Release, Forwarder Release and Customs Release statuses, thereby allowing Ci5 to automatically generate the Final Release, and goods pick-up at a terminal.

• For each event that creates a new status validation to be tracked, without being able to be altered or forged.

• To add monitoring and security for supply chain events via Ci5.

• To provide end-to-end shipment tracking.

• To give shippers and carriers access to physical and administrative status information throughout the goods transport process.

• To improve collaboration between pre-shipping players by structuring, optimising and securing their exchanges, with a specific focus on sustainable transport, and especially rail and river transport.

MGI advantages

In partnership with KeeeX and Buyco, MGI is providing its expertise in connecting logistics professionals and optimising and tracking goods flows via Ci5.

A blockchain approach that supplements Ci5’s transactional or EDI services with a hybrid solution that organises exchanges and integrates them seamlessly into the current processes of future users.