B’Lading Club Artificial Intelligence and Channel 5 event

Published on: 19 October 2017
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Soirée intelligence artificielle avec Channel 5 au B’Lading clubSoirée intelligence artificielle avec Channel 5 au B’Lading club

Dominique Lebreton, MGI Audits, Projects and Marketing Director, and Christophe Reynaud, Innovation Manager at MGI, will present Channel 5 to the B’Lading Club in Marseille at 7:30pm on Thursday 19 October.

The B’Lading Club runs an event every third Thursday evening in the month for Marseille port community professionals to come together and discuss a specific topic. During this special Artificial Intelligence event, MGI will show professionals its work on the development of Channel 5, a highly innovative decision-making tool for ports. In particular, the solution will notify users about how well gate operations and planned import and export goods flows at sea port terminals are running. With its built-in Artificial Intelligence technology, Channel 5 will detect problems and instantly propose alternatives to users. It is being developed in partnership with CEA Tech, the technological research department at the CEA.

Channel 5 was awarded best innovation in logistics at the Port of the Future Conference, held in September 2017. These awards reward innovative solutions for ports, port managers and their clients, improving the performance, competitiveness and security of ports.

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