BIP+ renews its collaboration with MGI by choosing Ci5!

Published on: 26 May 2020
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A continuity for the partnership between MGI and BIP+ and another step towards the future for the Bordeaux port community 

Bordeaux Informatique Portuaire+ (BIP+), a subsidiary of the Union Maritime et Portuaire de Bordeaux (Bordeaux Maritime Port Union) is making clear strides to becoming a smart port by choosing Ci5 to manage its digitalized cargo flows!  


BIP+ has confirmed its commitment in digital excellence in Bordeaux by renewing its partnership with MGI, for another 10 years.  

Ci5 will quickly replace the old AP+ Port Community System, with the launch slated for 15 September 2020, when all goods will start being processed in Ci5. It will remain connected and integrated into VIGIE-SIP, the port community system (PCS) developed by the Bordeaux Maritime Port.  

MGI’s teams will be all hands-on deck to provide seamless service continuity and smooth migration, as well as ensure that systems remain fully operational. From the projects division to the technical department, developers, integrators and testers are all working hard from their homes.  On 1 September, MGI’s training instructors will start training all of the port’s users on the new software.  For 10 days, shipping agents and consignees, freight forwarders, transport companies, terminal operatorscustoms officials and port authority staff will receive MGI assistance to support them through the deployment and operation of Ci5.   

The new software will enable the Port of Bordeaux to implement lower fees for ships that generate less pollution. Ci5 will remove the need for multiple paper declarations, and facilitate and speed up cargo processing while also reducing CO2 emissions from the port and associated activities. It’s another step towards becoming a green port!  

“I am thrilled that the Bordeaux port community, a long-standing MGI partner, is joining the Ci5 club. Everyone at MGI is proud of this long-term renewed commitment to a faster and more efficient port,” says Rémi Julien, President of the MGI Executive Board.    

According to Maud Guillerme, Managing Director of BIP+, “the deployment of CI5 is another step forward for the Bordeaux port community, one of the first to implement a Port Community System that includes bulk goods. It is a new stage in expanding the port community’s services while combining efficiency and tailored solutions. Community has real meaning in Bordeaux, because the entire port community in the broadest sense is involved, including shipping agents, freight forwarders, shipping companies and terminal operators, customs officials and the port authority, and MGI’s 10-year commitment is a display of trust in our community.” 


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