Discreet and essential EDI Interview with Julien Grandjean software developer and integrator at MGI. A wide range of skills I […]

Jaap van den Hoogen, président du directoire de MGI.

Dear readers, Best wishes for 2019 from everyone at MGI. We ended 2018 with the first deployment of Ci5. Development […]

Ci5, soon available in the App Store and Google Play “I’m able to verify and change the status of my […]

On 17 January, members of Marseille’s B’Lading Club* will be discussing port IT systems at their monthly meeting. Dominique Lebreton, […]

Fabrine Frestel, MGI Quality Manager and Head of the Ci5 Mobility Project, will be in Strasbourg on Monday 19 November […]

On 13 November, MGI will be taking part in the annual International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) conference on Single […]

Content, Editorial, Countdown to Ci5 in Marseille-Fos! By Jaap van den Hoogen, president of MGI executive board, Focus on data quality, Data […]

Jaap van den Hoogen, président du directoire de MGI.

Dear readers, In just five days, Ci5 replaces AP+ in the Marseille-Fos port community and its hinterland in Lyon. This […]

The self-loading truck of the future! FNTR – at the heart of regional innovation The federation I represent in PACA […]

Data quality boosts cargo flows What does “data quality” mean? How is this relevant to performance within a port community? […]

Interview with Fabien Merlier, Area Manager at MGI. Fabien, all hands on deck for Ci5 Your career with MGI After […]

Digital transformation: FNTR (French National Federation of Road Transport) – en route to new perspectives Are new technologies transforming road […]

15 days to go… From 16 October, the port communities of Marseille-Fos and Lyon in the port hinterland will be […]

First commercial success for the Cargo Intelligent System The Papeete Port Authority (PAP) is entering the smart port era with […]

Content: Editorial: in the cloud, by Jaap van den Hoogen, president of MGI’s executive board, Focus on cloud computing and […]

InterCor: cooperative intelligent transport gathers speed Tests starting next September will seek to track road freight as it transits through […]

Jaap van den Hoogen, président du directoire de MGI.

Dear readers, The whole world may have been swept up in a football frenzy this summer, but we’re here to […]

Pierre Cariou, professeur senior en économie maritime et portuaire à Kedge Business School

Pierre Cariou is a specialist in the shipping industry, who convincingly argues that digitalisation will encourage better data management and […]

MGI renforce la sécurité de ses données

Are your data flows secure? In an age of cyberattacks and ransomware, your data needs to be protected. MGI received […]

Faster and more secure computing with the cloud What do you know about DevOps, Docker and Container processes? They are […]