A win for Ci5 in French overseas territories

Published on: 27 August 2019
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Norbert Martinez, Président de l'UMM et de la SAS ICM+ et

ICM+ and MGI form a dynamic partnership building towards a Smart Port model

Through its company ICM+, the Longoni Port Community in Mayotte has consolidated its commitment to the Smart Port transition by switching from AP+ to Ci5 for goods flow management. This decision was confirmed on 18 July when Norbert Martinez, President of the Mayotte Maritime Union (UMM) and ICM+, visited Marseille, and strengthens the partnership between MGI and ICM+ which started in 2011.


ICM+ and MGI first connected in 2007 when the UMM and MGI met for an initial presentation of AP+. The two companies then officially began working together in 2011 with the arrival of ADSL broadband and the signature of the first contract with AP+. Twelve years later, the Port of Longoni is continuing its transition towards a Smart Port model through this bold partnership with MGI and Ci5.


Ci5/ICM+ will make the Port of Longoni one of the first ports in the Indian Ocean to access the many functions and innovations of Ci5 designed to revolutionise the future of logistics, such as smart containers, the use of big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. The partnership between MGI and ICM+ will give the Port of Longoni access to a port community single window for goods processing. This will remove the need for multiple, redundant paper declarations, and speed up goods transit through the port, while also reducing CO2 emissions from port and associated activities. The Ci5 Cargo Intelligent System, the world’s leading PCS, will make the port more streamlined, secure and competitive, with improved traceability for an even more efficient supply chain. It is these innovations and the opportunity of deploying Ci5 across the Indian Ocean that convinced ICM+ to extend this partnership.


Norbert Martinez, President of the UMM and ICM+, said: “Nearly 10 years ago, Stéphan Rougy, President of the UMM, signed the initial contract with MGI to deploy AP+ in Mayotte, and I now have the privilege, as President of the UMM and ICM+, to officially agree on the next phase of our partnership with Ci5. Mayotte is lucky to be one of the first French port communities to benefit from Ci5, despite the difficulties facing our companies on a daily basis due to our distance from mainland France. This new phase underscores the vitality of our port community and its economic players, and confirms the mutual trust between our organisations.”


Jaap van den Hoogen, President of the MGI Executive Board, continued: “After deployment in the Pacific Ocean, Ci5 is now being rolled out in the Indian Ocean. We are especially glad to renew and continue this relationship with ICM+ that has been going strong for over ten years. The partnership between our two companies will enable ICM+ to use Ci5 to connect up all port community professionals in order to manage goods more efficiently and extend its activity across the Indian Ocean. With Ci5, the world’s leading PCS, ICM+ confirms its vitality and continues its transition towards a Smart Port model.”

After a period of user training, Ci5 will replace AP+ on 2 December 2019, and will connect up all private and public players in the Longoni port community.


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