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Published on: 16 March 2018
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By Alain Perez CIO and Director of the Ci5 project

Rethinking the uses of a Cargo Community System through innovation

Ci5 is a key building block in the digital transformation of businesses that use a CCS. The pressing need for digital transformation is the reason behind our design of a Cargo Intelligent System using the latest information technologies to capture, analyse, enrich and share data, with the goal of optimising the management of whole supply chains. We launched a full redesign of the CCS of the future, starting from scratch, and no longer tied to a single location (shipping port, airport or hinterland hub), by integrating all the business processes involved in supply chains.

A user-centric concept

The user is at the heart of Ci5, designed for easy browsing, searching and quick access to information. The application is collaborative and adapts to users and their environment. In addition to letting users customise their MyCi5 interface, the system suggests functions and actions that match the current situation of the cargo. Predictive text input technology means that any information already in Ci5 will automatically appear when users type, significantly reducing the number of keystrokes required and increasing productivity.
Ci5 also stands out with its intuitive data access processes. Alongside the tracking & tracing functions, the application includes a search engine that systematically references all login codes and any data in text form, with the aim of speeding up searches and data processing. This way users can come back at any time to operations they were working on, simply by querying a container number or file reference.

Better management for better decision-making

In everyday life, the new CCS will help users manage their work through a centralised management system bringing together all relevant events and showing alerts relating to urgent tasks, in order to speed up cargo transit operations. Custom dashboard displays are used to indicate priorities for each user. The Vessel Tracking module gives the real-time geo-position of each ship so that operations can be launched based on the ship arrival or departure time.
This gives users an opportunity to manage activities proactively, rather than reacting at the last minute to transloading issues. Ci5‘s preventive problem solving technology provides tools to proactively anticipate tensions in the supply chain. KPIs are used to highlight how the different processes are performing, and support decision-making on potential improvement actions.

New business intelligence for new sales opportunities

These features only give a brief idea of the Cargo Intelligence System concept developed with Ci5. It is a user-centric application that prioritises ease of use and access. Better supply chain management and supervision processes will improve operator performance – and the quality of customer service. Ci5 incorporates the most innovative concepts and latest information technologies to redefine the use of a Cargo Community System. The new business intelligence it provides will undoubtedly open up new sales opportunities for logistics communities.


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