Published on: 3 March 2022
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The current international tensions, particularly between Russia and Ukraine, can lead to impacts on cyberspace that need to be anticipated.

After cyberattacks on some German and Belgian ports in early February 2022 and threats of potential attacks instigated by hackers in the East, MGI’s teams continue to be extremely vigilant in implementing proper Information Systems Security practices across our networks and products.

We ask that our clients/users, community and organisation administrators follow and enforce the following security measures to avoid cyberattacks:



  • Update all your tools, which ensures better response in the event of a security breach (antivirus software, office suite, etc.),
  • Manage passwords and make them stronger: At least 8 characters (uppercase, lowercase and special characters); one password per user and per application. They should be changed every 3 months and be kept CONFIDENTIAL (Use a password manager, we recommend KEEPASS),
  • Lock your computer screen when away from your workspace (ctrl/alt/delete) and,
    log out of Ci5/Mcustoms sessions as soon as work is completed,
  • Manage Ci5 user access rights in your community and/or organisation (delete users as soon as they no longer work at your organisation, etc.), for all your work tools.

Above all, we advise you not to click any links or attachments in suspicious emails which could infect all your company’s networks/systems.

For more information, please regularly consult