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Quaterly newsletter n°26



The Ci5 Cargo Intelligent System integrates blockchain technology
By Christophe Reynaud, Innovation Manager at MGI

Blockchain technology is a new and continually developing concept that could be about to turn the logistics world on its head. MGI is getting ready and is already integrating this new technology into its Cargo Intelligent System, Ci5. Christophe Reynaud, Head of Innovation, tells us about two blockchain applications.

World first for Ci5


By Jaap Van Den Hoogen,
président of MGI executive board

Dear readers,

Ci5 is expanding its services by opening up the supply chain to new economic players and innovating with artificial intelligence to give you even more visibility on your port operations.

The Interministerial Delegation for Development of French Ports & Logistics

Smart manifests for direct access to the fastlane

Interview with Jean-Christophe Baudouin, Interministerial Delegate

By Christophe Reynaud, Innovation Manager at MGI


Blockchain technology boosts port competitiveness

Can blockchain technology streamline the supply chain? Absolutely, says Jean-Christophe Baudoin, interministerial delegate for the development of Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône ports and logistics, also responsible for testing the solution.

How can cargo manifests be used to speed up goods transit through ports? Christophe Reynaud tells us all about a simple idea that could change everything…


Ci5: the first Cargo Community System in the world to integrate Blockchain technology



MGI worked with Thales to integrate blockchain technology into its Ci5 Cargo Community System.

MGI participates in the MeRS blockchain project


A blockchain experimental project to improve fluidity, security and competitiveness of freight transport on the Mediterranean-Rhone-Saone (MeRS) route. 

Ci5: what our users are saying


Ci5 users' testimonials since its roll out on the Marseille Fos Port.

Medport forum

June 25, 2019, Marseille, France

Smart port day #1

July 4, 2019, Marseille, France

Port of the Future Conference

September 24-25, 2019, Marseille, France

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